Hi all i am trying to configure a BM38 C2S vpn and have hit a brickwall.
I can authenticate to the vpn fine but cannot do the netware login. I
receive a Tree or server not found error. I can ping the hosts behind my
bm server but can not login even if i just use the ip address of one of
the servers i can ping. I cannot ping the private address of my BM server
and suspect the root of the problem is there. The particulars are: BM38
sp 2a on Netware 6 sp4. BM public address is 199.216.xxx.xxx private
address is 199.216.xxx.xxx (its different from the public). Nat is set to
dynamic only on the public interface and Set nat dynamic mode to pass
thru=on is set. NAT.NLM is version 7.00.07 . The tunnel address is, the address range for the vpn is as per
Craigs book. DNS and SLP are being sent to the client although I also
added the scope and da to the client manually. Traffic rules are set to
encrypt the networks behind BM and i have also added on to allow internet
browsing when the vpn is connected as per Craigs book and one to not
encrypt traffic to the private interface of the bm server from the
troubleshooting chapter. Am i simply missing something or have I made a
major configuration error? Thanks in advance for the help.