We are currently running ZCM10.3.3 on Win 2003 server. Works fine with the exception of a few bugs, one of which is, for no apparent reason machines disappear from the ZCM folders. It would appear (although I am not quite sure) that when we upgraded to 10.3.3 there were some agents still on version 10.3.1 and possibly lower. Even though we pushed the update to all managed devices thru system updates they never updated. As a result they were dropped from the ZCM folders.

The problem is with having over 40 remote sites this becomes a problem when trying to do any kind of HW or SW inventory for licence compliance or planning for pc replacement. When we discover a machine which has not updated we have to mail a batch file to the user to run to unreg and then reg the machine. It then appears back in the ZCM folders and will attempt to apply the update to 10.3.3 (generally successful). Why does this happen, is it avoidable, and is there a better way to ensure that machines are not dropped ? it is happening randomly and to a lot of pc's (although we don't know until we discover the users machine is no longer "managed").