Hi all,

On one of my customers BM 3.5SP3 servers, I receive a "Create context for DH failed: -1496" everytime we reboot the BorderManager server after having created a site-to-site tunnel. The VPN network consist of 6 VPN servers (BM 3.5, 3.6 & 3.7), where the 5 others works fine!

Just after we create the VPN tunnel, everything seems to be working fine - but as soon we reboot the server, we receive the above mentioned message. During the comming up after the reboot, we first get a "DH Phase 1 returned: -1470" and after this constant messages "create context for DH failed: -1496"
We have recreated the VPN tunnels so many times, but we end up the same way everytime.....

The server is a NW5.1SP7 having its own tree.

Does anyone know this message and what to do with it to keep you tunnels up and running?

Henrik Holm Nielsen