First, I hope this is the correct forum. There does not appear to be a forum for NetStorage like every other product...

I have a small client that has 3 new SLES 10 SP4, Open Enterprise Server 2 SP3. These are new, clean installs. Two problems - maybe related, maybe not:

1) NetStorage launches, shows all correct mappings and allows users to download files fine. When a user clicks Upload a pop up appears that is blank, stays blank. I have tried three versions on IE on both Windows 7 and XP as well as FireFox. Same identical results in all.

2) When ever a user logs in to NetStorage then logs out it always flags the intruder lockout for that user. It does not matter which user not what they do in NetStorage. It is 100% repeatable. Nothing else we have seen has caused this issue - only NetStorage.

About the Server: It has two IP's bound to the same interface with a web site on the primary IP (that matches the hostname), Web Access and NetStorage on the second IP. Apache only listens on 80 on the default web site and 443 on the secondary IP. The server is 100% patched up.

About the Environment: eDir is healthy. A replica of the entire tree (it is very small) is on all three servers. All three servers run LDAP and DNS. There is a static SLP scope but this server is not the DA. The scope does correctly show all SLP entries from all servers.

Steps Taken to Troubleshoot:

1) Rebooted
2) Removed/Re-installed NetStorage
3) Confirmed health check (Time, communications, partition sync, ndsrepairs both local and unattended, etc. etc.)
4) Tested various forms of drive mappings in the login script as suggested in a different TID including
map X:=server/vol:path
map X:=server\vol:path
map X:=.server_vol.context:path
While all map fine in a regular login - and all show up correctly and are browsable in NetStorage, we still cannot upload
5) Confirmed the universal proxy settings
6) Checked to make sure there were no newer patches
7) Tried multiple browsers
8) tried multiple users including admin level users to make sure it was not rights related

Anyone have any ideas?

NetStorage in on a server that has 3 IP addresses (single NIC) and NetStorage