A few weeks ago I posted regarding the fact that you cannot use the VPN
Client (3.8.7) with the wireless card in a Centrino laptop. I am using W2K
SP4 and it causes the Intel Proset software to automatically set the card
to off. I can't do without the Intel Proset software as my users need to
have many wireless profiles. Moving to XP is not an option with 500+
users. I have tried that latest Intel drivers and software and still no

So I have to go to the step of buying PCMCIA Wireless cards for laptops
with built in wireless. I bought Netgear MA521 cards as we have used these
before and they are easy to use. I have now found that the VPN client also
stops the Netgear config utility from working. It just opens and closes
before it can be used.

So two questions.

Firstly is anybody using a PCMCIA wireless card with the VPN Client and
W2K. If so what make and model works okay

Secondly what is the likelihood of Novell fixing these issues. I now have
a great VPN set-up but no method of using it with a wireless connection.
Hardly a great mobility solution!