This sounds strange, but we have many images. I updated the image driver to June from April in order to get out new Latitude e6420's to boot. They did. But now when i push the images to older dell models, optiplex 780, 760, 620's and others i get a error \boot\bcd. These are win 7 32bit images. So i back rev the driver back to april and the images work fine on those models.
Even boot the 6420's from boot dvd they get different errors. Some are windows cannot be configured on this hardware. Some of this is Dell's new hard drives. We ran windows update that repairs that, but cannot get our old images to work on the new dell's. If we build a new image on the new 6420's in AHCI mode then we can image the other 6420's.

IS anyone else seeing this?
How is it possible that the zen boot drivers cause issues on the images?

We are running zcm 10.3.3