GroupWise 8.02hp2 system running on a clustered pair of OES2 sp2 on top of XEN SLES10sp2 (yes trying to get those hosts updated)

We have a need to expose the POA to the DMZ (hosted NotifyLink support is claiming to need this and not a secondary POA for PIM data)

I started with removing the "Bind Exclusively to TCP/IP Address" check (with stops and starts of the POA at each step), but that didn't do the trick. I can change the IP address and that flows through as seen with the "netstat -lptu | grep wise" and confirmed with "telnet ipaddress 1677". The relevant parts of the poa config file are commented out.
Our next step is to setup appropriate DNS entries and use host names, but it still a concern that we can't get the POA to listen on all IP addresses. Is this a limit when running on in a cluster(NCS)?.