The ZENworks "Application Window" on my Windows XP SP3 desktop computer is empty. Only the "[All]" node is displayed. In other words, there are no Novell-delivered Applications showing up in the "Application Window". So I cannot see the list of the applications that I could manually deliver to my computer. The strange thing is that IT support is able to deliver ZEN applications and patches to my desktop. They are also able to wake up my computer or establish remore desktop connection to my computer via ConsoleOne or other means.
Also when I click the Application Window's menu bar items (File, Edit, View, Help), they have no options available under them.
Furthermore, when I go to the "Application Explorer Properties" and click on the "More" button in order to go to "More About Application Launcher" box, the "Login Information" subwindow is empty while the "File Information" subwindow is full; that is, it has the File Names and their Versions displayed in it.
The Zenworks's version is 7.0.1.x.
Please help me resolve this issue.
Thank you.
Sam Wiseman