We are running GW 8.0.2 HP2 system on both NetWare and SLES11 SP1, 64-bit. The primary domain is running on NetWare due to the two remaining NetWare post offices (we are slowly moving things to SLES). We have just moved our student population from an old +NetMail system to our GW system. This was a 17,433 user move. I used JRB Utilities JRBImport to create the GW mailboxes. I then used an IMAP copy to move the mail from one system to the other. This worked well and all the students now have GW accounts.

Not all the students, some 70% of them, had a Given name entered in eDirectory. Names were added afterwards. The issue is now the address book does not show the First names of those students. I have configured user synchronization, manually synchronized, and performed an Audit Report. None of these have worked.

I can get the name in the address book if I do an account association with the eDirectory object. My question... is there anyway, in Linux, to perform this procedure in mass? It's going to be slow going doing this one-by-one. I did try to use the JRB Utility GWLink; however, it requires access to the post office database, which is on Linux, and the utility doesn't like this at all (JRB does state that their utilities will not work with Linux).

Phil Arnold
University of Central Arkansas