I am using ADSL to connect from home using VPN and BorderManager 3.7 on
NetWare 5.1 (Sp7)

Whilst I can get an ip connection and read GroupWise Mail as if I were in
the office, on trying to authenticate using a Novell Client 4.90 or 4.83
I either fail to log in or it is too slow to be of any use.

When I was on a 64000 bps ISDN line (called in the UK, Home Hiway) I had
no difficulty in logging in (all the way) though this was slow and hardly
of much use, though if one had to, one could run many programs this way
and it saved a round trip to the office over a weekend or late at night.

The TID above refers to a problwm with ADSL and VPN and I was wondering
if anyone had a method of solving this issue.

The home platforms are Windows XP home edition or Windows ME.

I have managed to get fully authenticated from certain hotels, but these
hotels may have a different system. Some of the hotels may have a direct
lineto the INternet or as I am usually outside the UK on these occasions
may have a different system. In any event a connection from my laptop
using Windows ME is not always guaranteed. Sometimes it works perfectly
but by no means always.

I am not too happy if there is no cure as I have two staff on maternity
leave and they are anxious to work from home. They need access to our
networks database and accounting program.

Thanks in advance

Bernard Mocatta