Hello Novell Team!

I recently set up a new OES2 server for Groupwise. The idea was to graft the GW-System from one server to another and from one tree to a new one. Everything went pretty good and i could fix every problem from the several logs (/var/log/novell/groupwise/...).
service groupwise start works w/o problems too.

But i stuck now. Every log entry at GW start seams normal. There are no errors! But I get no SMTP connection?!
The GWIA log says that SMTP started and the Gateway is up, but it doesn't work...

Old server:
GW 5.5

New server:
GW 8

The new server gets the same IP as the old one because of the domain settings.

Is there another special log destination where I can find an info?
I hope you can help me and I'm looking forward to ur comments!