Good morning!

In order to address problems backing up our GW8SP2HP1 POAs that are running on NetWare 6.5 SP8, we're trying out doing a dbcopy to an offline folder and then backing them up from there.

Our problem is, the dbcopy starts, then hit a few files that already exist in the destination, so it sits at a prompt asking: Overwrite volume:/path/to/file.ext? (Yes/No/All):

Is there a way to automate this so that it won't do that? This is what we're doing in our gwbackup.ncf file that's called from cron (based off of: Practial Networking: Backing Up Open GroupWise Database Files) :

@echo off
dbcopy mail:/grpwise/emp02/ofuser/index mail:/backup/emp02/ofuser/index
dbcopy mail:/grpwise/emp02/ofuser mail:/backup/emp02/ofuser
dbcopy mail:/grpwise/emp02/ofmsg mail:/backup/emp02/ofmsg
dbcopy mail:/grpwise/emp02/offiles mail:/backup/emp02/offiles
dbcopy mail:/grpwise/emp02 mail:/backup/emp02
dbcopy mail:/grpwise/emp02/*.dc mail:/backup/emp02/
dbcopy mail:/grpwise/emp02/ofviews mail:/backup/emp02/ofviews

Doing the "/Y" switch after the dbcopy command just causes it to bring up a list of the parameters, as if it doesn't recognize the switch.