If anyone out there has a working C2S VPN configured on BorderManager
3.8, but it doesn't work when using a dial-up connection, please
respond here. (That is, it works from a LAN, or DSL, or Cable modem
connection, but not via dialup).

Symptom: Modem connection to the ISP is OK, then launch BM 3.8 VPN
client (bm3xvpn7.exe is the latest version). Connects OK in NMAS mode
to the VPN server. Gets an IP address pushed to it from the VPN
server. All looks well, except you cannot ping anything across the
VPN link. Sometimes you can ping for a bit, and then all
communications across the VPN stop.

I've seen this once myself, and heard of it a few times in the forums.
Novell is trying to track it down, and needs information.

A screenshot of the VPN client screens is requested, once the VPN
connects over the dialup.

Craig Johnson
Novell Support Connection SysOp
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