I'm attempting to reconfigure a BorderManager VPN server which was
previously using IPX only to use IP only (the remote client is a Windows
2000 machine, and apparently IPX isn't an option).

I have configured the SLPDA on the BorderManager server and can
sucessfully connect to the VPN, and log into the tree. However, the file
server I need to map drives to is not accessible. I can't ping it nor
can I map drives to it (8884 error occurs in login script). I can ping
all other devices on the internal LAN across the VPN except for this file

I have checked the default gateway on this server and it seems to be
correct (it points to the internal IP of the Border server as do all of
the other devices in the network).

This particular system is NetWare 5 running BM 3.5. NAT is disabled on
the public interface of the Border server.

Any pointers would be appreciated.