At least, I think it's ncp. I have a 2 node cluster, OES 2.2, Sles 10.3, and novell client for windows on xp and win7. This morning, people logged in with no problem, but couldn't get drive mappings for the nss volumes mounted on node 1. We could get to the sys volume, so ncp seems to be working. I could browse the nss volumes from the linux command line. If I move the volumes to node2, the drive mappings work and the volumes can be seen from the clients. If I move the volumes back to node 1, the volumes mount normally, but no more file access.

ncp2nss status looked fine, but I restarted ncp2nss. No dice, so I completely stopped and started it, but still no luck. I can restart the server tonight, but is there anything else I can check out this afternoon?