Hello, hope someone can help.

We are using iPrint on OES2, patched to latest versions (client is version 5.6400). I have all my printers set up as secure printers and in iManager Access Control for each printer I have added in the root container as users (anyone could potentially print to any printer across sites) and only our IT staff as Operators and Managers, however it appears that any user can still browse to the iPrintURL:631 and install any printer. I tested this a couple of months back and it did block normal users from installing but now it is about to go live (and we have patched perhaps) something seems to have stopped it from restricting this.

We want to keep control of installing printers and stop students from installing any printers they like.

I have searched online and cannot find a solution, can anyone help at all? In some of the forum posts, in addition to the Access Control tab in iManager I keep seeing reference to setting security (in that tab) to High, Medium or Low - I cannot find that at all!

Would appreciate some guidance if anyone can help.

Many thanks