Hopefully Caterina Luppi will see this but I am starting a new thread as
it seems that the earlier problem may not be due to PPPoE but AOL's
software malfunctioning with vpn and/or Novell Client.

Running Novell 5.1 patch 7. Bordermanager 3.7 patch 2 VPN client 3.7/3.8

Two of my staff run Windows ME and Windows XP Home edition on their
computers at their respective homes. They have both acquired Broadband
using AOL as a provider of the service and as their ISP. They run AOL
version 9. They have to activate the AOL software in order to activate
the connection. The ME client is Novell 3.32 and the XP client is 4.83
sp3. (I have tried 4.9 sp1 but no luck there either).

Using VPN they can get into the system and using the IP connection read
GroupWise Email and some other programmes but they cannot get into the
NetWare server to read Word Files for example. I believe the expression
is that they cannot authenticate into Netware. "Server not found". They
can ping the main server.

I have just installed at my home, Broadband ADSL but this service is
provided by British Telecom. BT are my ISP. I also have Windows XP home
edition. I have managed a full login including authentication to NetWare
though the latter is somewhat slow.

I have emailed AOL to ask if they know of any issues. Their reply was
that they do not support VPN.

Any suggestions - other than to cancel the subscription to AOL and use
another service provider! This is quite costly as there are minimum
periods of subsription.

Thanks in advance

Bernard Mocatta