I have inherited a network and Netware 6.5server with groupwise 6 and I have to maintain it . Presently the server is runnig OK for last 9 years or so. But I need to prepare a standby server. I tried to install using the media which I had but I found the I may not have all the CDs and floppies. Also the Novell License files are on a floppy which is not readable now.

Can some guide me :
1. Is it possible to extract the license file and copy it on some media and keep for future use ?
2. If not, can one obtain replacement of floppies from Novell ?
3. What are the media ( CDs / Floppies/Printed Material) which I am supposed to get when I order a new Netware 6.5 server ? Can I download these from somewhere ?
Please p[rovide me a link.