I have a NW 6.5 Server with sp2 running BM3.8/sp2a and BM38fp3a. I have a
basic vpn setup with one traffic rule to allow any user - any host - any
protocol - allow unencrypted..I have one Authentication rule to allow any
user - NMAS/logged - allow.
In this configuration everything works great, I can ping all interfaces
and all networks on the private network. Of course all traffic is
unencrypted as well. When I change the traffic rule action to "encrypt" I
can no longer ping any network on the private side. I can only ping the BM
private interface and the public interface. I can browse the internet, and
use Groupwise webaccess to all private Networks but I cannot ping or log
in to any Server nor can I launch Groupwise from the desktop. Static and
Dynamic NAT is enabled on the public interface and I have the private
address NAT'ed to itself. I have also tried unloading filters and
disabling NAT but still I can't ping/login to my Servers using encryption.