In the GW Client, a user can set a default font by going into Tools > Options > Environment > Views. When I open a new e-mail message, my client defaults to Segoe UI. When I reply to a text message, it defaults to the same font. When I reply to an HTML message, at first my font is the same as the original message, then, after a second or two, it will change to Segoe UI.

We have one user who when she replies to an HTML message, her client defaults to the same font as the original message and remains that way.

Has anyone else run into this problem and do you have any suggestions for fixing it?

I've checked her settings and she has a default font set in her Environment> Views options. A search on the Internet has not turned up any clues.

We are running GW 8.0.2. Just thought of a difference in my testing. I am running Windows 7, the user is running Windows XP if that makes a difference.