I'm changing the IP Address of the Novell server, moving to a private subnet. The iPrint server IP Address is embedded in 100 pc's for each printer the registry shows ipp://*.*.*.*/ipp/PRINTERNAME

At the moment I am facing having to go around and change the registry on all of these PC's so that I can change the entry to the new IP Address. Does anyone know of a good registry script that will look and replace any entries that are ipp://*.*.*.*/ipp/PRINTERNAME but just with the correct IP. None of the users have all of our printers installed. We have 25 printers most users have 2 or 3 installed. So the script would need to loop through and keep searching for any instances of *.*.*.* and replace all of them with the new IP.

Or can anyone think up some clever way that i've totally missed to solve this bearing in mind i'm not meant to be disturbing the users printing until I change the IP Addresss on saturday.