We have a BM 38sp2 upgraded from BM3.6 and until now running only C2S using

We now want to install a new slave-server with the old one as master.

We have had several big problems: first we created the new server on the lan
and wanted to change the ip later. Now we know that this will not work the
server has to be set up with a permanent ipaddress. So we have created a new
temporary router on our DMZ with one leg on the DMZ and one with the new
site address. This gives us some problems with filters and since there is
already sitting some people at the site with the same address-space as at
the outsite af the new server. Well a routing to the host address solved
that problem. And unloaf ipflt cold solve the other.
(Please see my remark later here, if you have any influence in the design of
Border Manager versions to come)

My question here is: if I put the temporary router at the inside (at the
same LAN as the master VPN server) and change the address so it fits the LAN
address, and keep the other address so the new server can continue with the
same address as it shall have when in place. Will it work or does the new
server have to be on the outsite all the time?
Is there any issues?

Thanks if you have an answer.


P.S.: My remark about BM 3.8: Could it be posible to establish a new Slave
in a S2S configuration on a existing local lan. I mean could it be possible
to change address after installation in a simple way.
One reason: every time we establish servers we have to copy 20 - 40 GB data
to the new server before setting the server up behind slow WAN links.
Other reason: Time waste configurering a special router so the address is
What about bigger companies, with one american site and one euro-site how do
they solve it. What do they do after a break down.
I must confess i have no read the manual and if there is an answer to all my
questions there I humble apologize.