Hi all,

Here's what we have.

ZCM Upgraded to 10.3.3, ENGL to 6

We have imagedistribution automated using ENGL. PXE and Imaging work fine, Workstation registration seems to work OK too, but when it's time to start installing applications the PC will not pick them up. When we hit the Windows button, the Start menu (windows xp, sp3) will pop up and from there we can start the first app, which then kicks off all the rest of them and the workstation will finish installing beautifully. The 'Install Immediately after Distribution' checkbox is checked and the Distribution Schedule is set to 'On Device Refresh' (which ENGL advises).

The funny thing is that this only seems to happen to PC's that have their zis-sector deleted or cleared (zisedit -r or -c). We found one PC that continues to work OK so we exported its zisinfo, imported that on a faulty PC and started the rollout-proces again. Worked like a charm. Yet we cannot find any differences between the two zisinfo's.

Any help mucho appreciated.\