I have three laptop users who when out of the office make a VPN
connection to our network for access to their Exchange servers. After
they have made a VPN connection and returned to the office their
preferred DNS server setting has been changed from using DHCP to a
statically assigned address which causes them major logon delays.

I've done some testing to narrow down the problem.
These are the facts:

1. Laptops are all Dell latitudes with Windows XP Pro (One with no SP,
one with SP1 and one with SP2. So service pack level doesn't make a

2. The steps to connect are as follows.
Make a dial-up connection to our ISP
Make the VPN connection
Synchronise Outlook
Disconnect from VPN
Disconnect dial-up connection
Reboot laptop
DNS setting has changed!

Checking the LAN IP settings after each process shows the DNS setting is
still set to DHCP, it is only after the reboot that the setting has

Making a dial-up connection and NOT making a VPN connection doesn't
change the DNS setting after the reboot which does point to the VPN
causing the problem.

I was using the 3.8.7 version of the client so tried rolling back to
3.8.2, but it still does the same.

Any ideas?