Been playing with XenDesktop 5 against our new DSfW setup. Outside of the inherent flakiness of the dozen interrelated services trying to provide it, most if it works quite well. I was able to bind a 2008R2 server to it and all the logins did what they were supposed to. That's better then I was expecting honestly.

Then comes the problem. XenDesktop broker for some reason wants to look up the computer's SID in Active Directory to start up. When it looks for the SID, DSfW returns an "error 80" and it won't start.

Looking at a recent thread, I'm not sure if doing an LDAP lookup of <SID=xxxx> is supported or not. I don't see anything in the edir object to store a Windows SID, though I may have found something in a Winbind cache file that looks like it has stored the SID in there. Is this type of lookup not supported or is my DSfW broken?

I can make it work through a cross-forest trust, but it's a nasty hack. Any insight is appreciated. DSfW is pretty new to me.