We are installing BM3.8 VPN SP2 for a site-2-site VPN. (NW 6.5 SP1)
We do follow the manual installing this VPN slave server and have reached
the part where we shall import the exported certificates.

In the manual on page 160-161 it says: (shortend by me)
Creating the Trusted root object
1. eDirectory Administration->Modify
2. Specify. Certificate name. container and the complete location of the
file i exported earlyer.
There is an illustration for people who like me and i get the same picture
on my screen. But it is obvious from the illustration and my screen that
there are no place for entering this information. There is a browse button
where i can select the certificate in the tree! No filelocation.
What do I do wrong and what can i do?

I did create the certificates by creating af VPN server and let the
installation create the TRC and the TRO.
I do have 2 TRC (master and slave) and 2 exported server-certificates.
How do i import the certificates into them. (If Console One? how?)

If there is a TID about this I can't find it.

Hope you have got an solution,
I do only have until sunday evening (EST +1)

Regards and thanks