Hi folks.

I'm having some issues with the reboot action.

2 bundles:
B1 - Install (Launch Exe) .NET Framework 4 ; Reboot.
B2 - Install B1 ; Install (Launch Exe) Expression Web 4.

B2 is the bundle that is associated to users.
So, the Install B1 action works fine - .Net installs and then prompts for reboot, but I then get an error for Install Expression Web 4 action.
I have a "continue on error" set for the Install B1 action (as .Net framework may already be installed on some users PCs).

It appears to me that the error is appearing because it is not waiting on the reboot? There is no "wait for action to complete" option for the reboot actions.
What is the best way to get Framework installed, reboot, then install Expression?

This isn't a force run. User launches it when convenient.