GW 8.0.2
Moved existing users and resources from PO on NetWare 6.5 SP8 server to OES2SP3-SLES10SP3 GW 8.0.2
All users and resources were moved with out error and have been on the new Linux PO for two weeks working properly.

A user had created a Find Results folder to monitor unread e-mail in proxied user accounts and GW Resources for which they are the owner.
Worked great prior to move.
Worked great after the move.
User removed one proxied user from the Find Results Folder Look-in selection (user no longer with company and account was deleted)
Now, the user's Find Results Folder only shows unread e-mail from proxied user accounts. All Resources are unchecked in Look-in.
Check one or many of the Resources available in Look-in and click OK, no change in find results.
And when the user clicks on the Find Tab of the properties of the Results Folder, all GW Resources are again unchecked.

Any one have any idea on what is going on and/or how to fix?

Thank you.