We have a population of users who access GW exclusively through WebAcc. Some of this population has jumped on the mobile device bandwagon and so we've directed them to the simple interface when accessing GW from a mobile device.
Some of these mobile device users now exclusively use the simple interface on their tablet/phone to access GW and when their password is expired, are never presented with the password change dialogue.

Ive verified when user with an expired password navigates directly to the simple interface url , https://gwserver/gw/webacc?User.interface=simple, either on a mobile device or desktop browser, IE, FF, Chrome, the user consumes a grace login and is taken directly to the simple interface mailbox.
Resetting grace logins and navigating to the standard webacc interface the GW password change dialogue is presented as expected.
GroupWise 8.0.1 webacc on netware. I think wed refrained from going to newer releases in fear of some nasty bugs in the subsequent versions, but Ive not kept current on issues with the latest release.
I understand the next GW version with native mobile device templates is around the corner, but management may want to address this sooner.

Is this failure to recognize password expiry in the simple interface a know behavior?