We have changed our internal network over the weekend.

This included changing the IP Address of our Cluster of two Novell Servers running various services including Groupwise as a clustered Resource.

We also changed our blackberry server and our mobility server, both of which connect to our Groupwise cluser resource.

On the Friday we ran all the updates on the Mobility server and it seemed fine still running 1.1 428 i think. On Saturday we changed the IP Address. Literally we just went into yast and changed the data synchroniser ip address, and then pointed the connector to the new ip address of our Groupwise cluster resource.

Well after groupwise came up we found out mobility wasn't working. It appeared that we needed to add some extra permissions to postgreSQL as per one TID to get this working which I did and then it all started and looked fine, our 70 users can connect but the server only seems to get updates via the groupwise.connector very infrequently.

So I tried upgrading to 1.2 the latest version to fix it and it does exactly the same.

So we are stuck with the groupwise.connector saying it's working perfectly but hardly picking up any emails. They might come through to the iphone after an hour or so, or if not we then stop and restart the groupwise.connecxtor and it works again for 2 minutes and then even though it appears to be still working it just does not get any new emails until it's been restarted again.

We did have to rerun the install routine on the groupwise server, but the blackberry server connects to it fine with out having to make any changes. So I'm really stuck where to look... the logs all seem to say it's running but nothing happens. I was wondered if there was a soap issue on our server but it's got 20 soap connectors which seem to be the maximum and it's only using about 8 of them.

Any help would be appreciated.