I've been reading Craig's book on setting up the VPN. Everything works
fine except for a few things. I am able to connect to my BM server via
VPN but I'm unable to connect to the internet and browse the internal
network. He has mentioned about configuring the internal routers (pg 723
of BM3.8) which I think is important but I don't know how. Can someone
guide me through the steps on configuring my server.

Here's the setup:
Server 1: Nw65sp2 and BM3.8 sp2a.
VPN server
2 NIC; 1 public with 216.xx.xx.xx address and 1 private with
172.xx.xx.xx address;
In my inetcfg;
- I have specified an entry in my DNS Resolver configuration
which is pointing to the DNS servers (internal and public)
- IP Packet Forwarding, RIP is enabled
- OSPF is disabled
- LAN Static Routing Table contains a default router to the
My VPN tunnel is
The pool of address is

- I did follow the traffic rules (pg729) but only to allow
access to my admin and to the vpn.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.