I am looking at using the import purchase records functionality to import licence data from a CMDB.

Because i have product licencing data in another system, i need to integrate them somehow, and came across the import feature.
it is a business requirement to produce software compliance reports that are accurate on any given day. Now i can get the data out of
the CMDB and into the required tab delimited format

Doing an initial extract and import seems pretty straight forward, basically get all the software products and thier associated allowed installations figure, do reconcilliations.

But over time, when updates are required, how does ZAM handle subsequent imports of the same products. eg. if on the first import

  • say theres initially 10 licences for ABCSoftware.

  • next import, 2 licences have been added since the last import giving 12 current licences
  • and likewise the extract from our CMDB says theres 12 licences for ABCSoftware.

once imported into ZAM, will ZAM report 12 licences or 22 (10 previously and new 12)
how does this work? the documentation does not give this level of detail.

And similar for expired or decommisioned licences, if we've gone from 10 to 5 licences for ABCSoftare, does the import function have any smarts to it?
would it be required to delete previosly imports product licences and start again, having to do rreconcilliatios for every product again?

Hope this make sense. Thanks.