Novell ZCM 11 : SUSE Linux 11 SP1


Windows 2008 (Novell CLient 2 With Updated IR)
Windows 2003 (Novell Client 4.9 SP5 IR1)

User Source:

eDirectory 8.8 SP6 On SUSE Linux 11 No SP


Dynamic Local User Policy allowing edirectory users to login into both the clients

Roaming Profile Policy:
Created one public shared folder on the windows 2003 client machine
In the Roaming profile i have given this path as \\\profiles\%USERNAME%

Published the Policy and assigned to edirectory users.

User is able to login and the local user policy is getting applied and creating the local user.
Roaming policy is showing as effective but the profile is not getting created in the specified folder and creating local profile.

Please Tell me where i am making a mistake ?

Thanks and regards