Hi all: I will start off by saying I just don't get LUM. I have read a lot of the documentation but something is just not clicking with me.

I want to rsync files from one server to another at night using ssh. I have written a simple script to run via cron. I DO NOT want to use ROOT. It is my understanding that in order to this I will need a LUM-enabled user who has been granted trustee access:

5.6.7 Accessing Files with Linux Services, Utilities, and Protocols

Only the root user and Linux-enabled eDirectory users who have been granted trustee access can see and access the NSS volume from a Linux interface. Users must be Linux-enabled with Linux User Management in order to use any of the standard Linux protocols, utilities, commands, services, or APIs for the NSS volume.
So I have created a user and LUM-enabled the account. I have also created the same account on my test linux server so that I can log in directly on the server. However, I still cannot access the NSS volume.

Is what I am trying to do possible? Chris.