using Vibe 3.0 - I have a workflow which moves a submitted entry to a folder which a small number of people have access to. Managers may add information to the entries at different stages in the workflow. But the workflow also sets read access for the entry creator so that when they get notifications, they are able to access the entry to review additional information provided by managers...even though they don't have direct access to the folder. The problem is, when they get a notification and click on the link, they get an error message stating they don't have access...for example: 'You do not have access to the binder by the id '6282' . However, if the person logs into their Vibe account, the entry is listed on their What's New page, and if they click on the link there, the entry is shown without an error. The link in the notification is different than the link in the What's New page.

The notification link (which fails) is of the form:

The link on the What's New page (which works) is:

Has anyone else encountered this and is there some way to resolve this or is it a bug?