We are on build 579 and are attempting the 1000 user/devices settings from this article Mobility Pack 1.2 Ships: Updated Scalability Recommendations | Novell User Communities. We don't have a 1000 devices (417 between datasync and notifylink) but we do have the attachment set to 8 MB which according to the article will take the number 1000 down (our server meets the specs the article calls for the 1000 setting). I am in the process of moving the users from Noftifylink over to DataSync. I have been doing about 10-15 users at a time and though datasync seems to be performing fine, I notice under the GroupWise connector monitor under "POA Status" that 1 and sometimes 2 of my post offices will have queued events and will have an amount of time for being behind. I have seen it before when not adding users and sometimes bouncing the PO corrects it. I was wondering if anyone has a good understanding of what this piece of information means and/or if it is something that should be avoided or corrected?