We are having a problem with our satellite offices being unable to log in to the server after making a VPN connection. The problem is intermittent, but seems to be happening more frequently. After successfully making a VPN connection, the Novell login is attempted with the tree and context fields empty and the server IP address in the server field. An error comes up "Tree cannot be found". Sometimes if we enter the tree and context names in the respective fields, then it works, but sometimes it doesn't. We set up all of these machines from our main office and they were all able to VPN in and login through a dialup connection to the main server. All of the satellite offices have DSL or Cable internet. The most recent problem that I tried to work on was with an XP workstation with Novell Client 4.9sp1. I had heard that 4.9sp2 could be a possible fix so we installed it, but to no avail. We are running Netware 6 with sp4.

Any help offered is greatly appreciated.