I am working with a large university library system. They have
BorderManager 3.8sp2a running on NW 6.5, with Client to Site VPN
configured. I need to make the remote VPN client "appear" to be
originating from inside the library network, while accessing web-based
resources that reside OUTSIDE the library network. How can I do this?

A little background to help you understand what we need to do:
The library subscribes to literally thousands of databases & journals, all
accessed via a web browser, through links on the library web page. These
resources are based throughout the world, on many different systems,
controlled by many different entities (research firms, hospitals,
universities, etc.). Anyone that is accessing these resources from INSIDE
the university network are automatically authenticated to the resources
through a combination of client IP address and internet domain.

In other words, if a user is connecting from a computer that has a machine
name of "computer.university.edu", AND the network portion of the user's
IP address is part of a network known by the resource to be part of the
university network, it will allow access. Otherwise access is denied.

We need to create a client to site VPN that will make the remote VPN
client "appear" to be originating from inside the library network (IP
address & host name) while accessing these remote resources. Again, the
key piece of this puzzle is that the resources being accessed are OUTSIDE
the university network, and expect users to be originating from INSIDE the
university network.

We need to make this happen globally for all VPN connections - because
there are THOUSANDS of resources from HUNDREDS of sources, many of which
are changed regularly, it is not practical to create individual rules for
each of them.

Note: The client-to-site VPN is working fine for accessing INTERNAL
resources. Also, (and this may be the kicker) I believe that the remote
sites may be picking up the client's IP address from the web browser. I am
attempting to confirm that this is what is happening.