Looking at that migration off Netware, taken ages to get the client
moving on this, I have what I'm sure is a "stupid question":

Netware 6.5 came with OES2, so presumably we have licenses for that.
Groupwise 8 came with SLES 10.1, so presumably we have licenses for that.

Which one is better as a long-term migration solution, for an
environment of mixed servers (Netware, Windows, and
<fill-in-the-blank>), where the migration is of a basic server that
holds printing services, file services, and little else? And which is a
better solution for a pretty dedicated Groupwise server?

If I understand correctly (which I may well not) on OES, it's easy to
have a virtual Netware environment maintained to ease the migration.
Can I do this on SLES? Does OES have a long-term future? Does SLES?
(It appears to be broken off from the Novell site, so I'm not clear if
Attachmate even acquired that piece.)

This is a small business, approx. 50 users, way too many servers, but
I'm talking about the main file/print server for the company. I will
not need to bring down the existing server to do the migration, however,
and plan to take it slow, testing their apps as I go, starting with
iPrint for a brand-new copier/printer that's coming in.

Also, just curious, is there a way to support network adapter teaming
with either SLES or OES? I realize that this is hardware-dependent, but
I'm just wondering if it's possible at all, or if the concept only is
implemented in Windows server environments.