I have a S2S VPN from California(BM3.6) to Nevada(BM3.6) to Arizona(BM3.7)
which has been working wonderfully for a couple of years now. In California
we have a few remote users who have been signing into the CA BM server
through a C2S connection with no problems. We've just installed a new
terminal server in NV that all the sites have access to, except for the C2S
users in CA. If I'm on the LAN in CA, NV or AZ, I can ping from one side to
the other with no problems. If I'm connected to CA via C2S, I can only ping
the CA servers. I've been having the CA C2S users login to the NV BM server
to access the new terminal server, which works, but then they have to sign
out and sign into the CA server to get their drive mappings and data and
they're about to revolt. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.