is there a way to control on which server clients should try to
authenticate on edir?

In netware times there was a setting:


How can i to this with OES2SP3?

What would i do?

We have a 3 Node Cluster running, and for patching/rebooting of a
cluster nodes, i have to

- migrate cluster ressource away to next free node
- disable broadcast messages at the node who should be patched/reboot

to reduce the user attention to a minimum.

But we got some issues on Client's who are auth to this rebooted nodes.

Longer lost contact to the clusterressource, or extremly slowed down
Windows Workstations.
This is gone when the user klick a number of times with windows explorer
on the mapped network drive, but this is a little irritating.

My feeling is, the workstations lost authentication to the "cluster
ressource", so i hope we can redirect the authentication away from the
cluster nodes up to other OES2 Servers with replicas.

Or would i be completely wrong?
How can i do this for my users a little bit "smoother"?