One of my servers just bit the dust and it appears to be either the motherboard or processor. The problem is it is running Netware 6.0 SP5 and due to applications on it can't be upgraded to 6.5. The last time I had an issue I did build a 6.5 server and the reason were hardware compatibility specifically SATA and processor compatibility with 6.0. So my question is is there any existing hardware that will still run 6.0 SP5 or am I looking at trying to find an old board? The machine currently has 3 SCSI controllers as well as 8 IDE drives so I need something with either 3 PCI slots and 8 IDE support of 4 PCI slots. In addition either another PCI slot or built in gigabit lan and of course video.

So have there been any driver updates that will allow 6.0 to work with newer hardware or any manufactures still making compatible hardware?