I am testing puting BM3.8 Behind a NetWare NAT device. It is partially
working now: establishing connection, communicating between the client
and VPN server.

However, the client can not communicating beyond VPN server.

The VPN server itself has no problem to communicating with internal
network. And I did add static router on the VPN to the internal network,
and the default gateway on VPN server is the internal interface of the
NAT device.

I followed the instruction in this article


The part of the routing read like this:

Adding a Route on the VPN Server

To add a route on the VPN server,

1. Create a static route on the VPN server for the private network to
reach public network.
2. Add a default route with private IP address of the NAT (
server as gateway on the VPN server, which is in private (
3. Verify that the VPN server is able to access the public machine (in
this case the NAT router's public primary IP address).
4. Add the respective NAT interface as a default gateway in the VPN
server or client. This enables the servers and clients to reach the
machines on the other end of the NAT device.


Since the NO filters are enabled, I guess it is a routing issue.

Did I miss something? What's the trick to make it work?