I'm having issues trying to upload drivers for a couple of printers,
HPs, P3015 & P4015. I know, PITA printers, but they've been in place
for a while.

iPrint servers is OES2sp3 on SLES10sp3, running edire 8.8.6. All other
drivers (XP and win7-64) upload fine. I've even tried the drivers that
we're using on these printers in ndps, which are universal pcl6 from HP.

When I try to upload those drivers, it starts uploading, then a bit
later the imanager web page times out & the drivers are not there. The
windows 7 drivers upload & work fine.

I tried some different HP universal drivers for XP & they uploaded, but
they will not work, as every time you try to print something, you have
to go through the HP driver properties & select what printer you're
printing to even though you selected it through windows.