ZCM 10.3.3 on SLES 11 SP1, Windows XP and 7 ws's. One problem or thing I noticed long time. When device is restarted then even ZCC show ws in green and agent service is started on on ws it seems to that Agent Service start is not in effect ... delayed for minutes. I mean, when I have set something for setup on device boot then it takes some 10 minutes or so (depends on ws, but even fast one has delay) to start this installation (device is refreshed and app is cached). Also, most worrying for me is that on computer labs we use for students dynamic volatile profiles and we rely fully on Novell Application Launcher (from ZfD days) to get apps and when device is just (re)started student can login, but NAL window does not appear - empty Desktop. Something I can do about this delayed start or it is by design so.
Sorry, can't explain it more in details as every service on ws and server is ok as service. Just seems to on ws it does not take effect right away after ws is (re)started. Hope You understand what I mean.
More thanks, Alar.