I have been running a sles10sp2 server for quite some time.
Yesterday I decided to finally add oes2sp1. After a couple of attempts I got ndsd running (had to reboot back to sles10 without xen and put my 2nd nic into bonding)
(I am an old NetWare guy runnning paravirtual NW boxes...)

Now I got:
- ndsd running and LISTENING on 524, telnet IP 524 from XP client gets a connection. Installed into a NEW tree with only this server. ndscheck states "healthy"
- (disabled firewall for now, just in case)
- iMonitor running at http://IP:8028/nds, and I *can* login from both XP client and the server itself
- slpd running

- Remote Manager not responding (but server is LISTENING according to netstat)
- Unable to login in from client, even with putting the server-ip in as tree
- Unable to browse for tree

Any ideas?
Shouldn't sles10sp2 + oes2sp1 be ok together?