just installed a fresh sles10sp3 + oes2sp3. Everything seems fine and working. (at 2nd install, for the 1st I let NCC update after eDir install, then iManager etc could not install :( )
I got:
- ndsd running
- rManager, iManager, iMonitor access
- slpd running
- SLP Server configured with own DA (Becomes DA Server option, default)
- I can connect from Windows client, when entering server IP as tree. This also allows me to browse the oes tree for user context.
- The oes tree itself does not turn up when browsing for tree in Advanced on the Windows client. Annoying :(

I used to use 'slptool findsrvtypes|xargs -n1 slptool findsrvs' on sles10sp2 to show slp services, but that does work on sles10sp3. Anybody know an alternative?

Any ideas?