we are on our way migrating from NetWare to OEs2SP3, got a mixed cluster running right now.
Several Volumes are migrated already to OES-L and running fine (we do not use the afpbind command in our cluster load scripts but they are working fine without this..).
But in our error log we got loads of messages:
(nw7 kernel: Couldn't get FDN from LUM for uid=7180, rc=2
I do not know if that is connected to afptcpd....)
afptcpd[17445]: [error] FPGetFileDirParms: Failed to get file object info. Error - 20405 <0x4fb5>
afptcpd[17445]: [error] zAFPGetInfoByName: Failed to get parent key. Error - 20405 <0x4fb5>
afptcpd[17445]: [error] FPResolveID: Failed to resolve file object ID. Error - 20405 <0x4fb5>

afpstat says:
Active_Threads 4
Loadratio 0.000000
Availabitity 100.000000
Efficiency_ratio 100.000000
Connections 27

so everything is normal? Every file access creates these messages?