Hi everyone,

I need help to understand a problem we have with the iPrint client authentication. We perform an automatic login to a Windows 7 session with a specific user. Subsequently, we perform authentication with the Novell Client by running the command "C:\Windows\System32\loginw32.exe". In theory, the iPrint client would be able to take these credentials to authenticate that person for the printing system, but cannot see those credentials. When we do the login with the red N in the system tray, everything works perfectly. The Novell Client provides the credentials to the iPrint client to the printing system. We tried the same with Windows XP and everything seems to work in two ways. We even tried older versions of the two Clients. The last version of the Novell Client was 2SP1 IR8 for Windows 7 et the last iPrint Client was 5.68.

How can we solve our problem?