Hi, i have a high performance NAS device and want to be able have one Netware server i have built to be able to mount the iscsi LUN that i have created on my NAS device. I want to be able to make this NSS volume available to administer the netware permissions etc on files and folders that i will be placing on this ISCSI LUN - NSS volume.

Is this something tha tcan be easily done within netware / imanger to point to the LUN that has been created on the NAS and then create a volume??

How can i do this.
I am using a NAS device as we are limited on budget and am aware that a SAN is normally the right war forward with this type of task.

any help gettting my NAS device iscsi lun visible to my netware server so that i can create nss volumes on there would be so helpful.